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CHATHAM-KENT, Ontario (May 15, 2017) – A new regulated medical cannabis facility is coming to Chatham-Kent.  J.P Mariwell has moved into stage 5 of 7 of the ACMPR licensing process with Health Canada, and expects to begin construction of their state of the art facility in the fall of 2017.

This facility includes the greenhouse, customer contact center and processing facility and is capable of producing 6000KG of premium medical cannabis per year.  The facility will be located on a 5-acre site near Wheatley Ontario and has been zoned to produce cannabis.  Mariwell has received site plan approval by the municipality of Chatham-Kent.

Mariwell’s team possess the technical, financial, operating and marketing skills required to manage the business and production of cannabis.   The team has decades of experience in the design, implementation and operation of greenhouse facilities.

About J.P. Mariwell

JPM has applied to produce and sell medical cannabis under the ACMPR. JPM is in advanced Review Phase of the ACMPR, and is waiting for a Confirmation of Readiness Letter from Health Canada.  JPM has secured access to 165 acres of site plan approved property just minutes from the greenhouse capital of North America in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, to support its operations. A state of the art 62,400 sq. ft. greenhouse and processing facility, complete with in-house laboratory, will be located on the site. JPM is dedicated to growing premium cannabis with superior quality and consistency efficiently.